I post on patreon, tumblr, twitter, instagram and also have a telegram feed where you'll find my most recent art and information.

How to commission me

 Check my trello queue to see my current commission log

Find examples of my commissioned work here

send me an email (hicatboots at gmail dot com) when you're ready to commission!

include the type of commission from the price list below in the email title, if possible

please include character refs and any info you think will help me draw your character correctly!


 Character pinup £100 +£80 per extra character

if you have a specific idea of what you want me to draw, this is the one to go for

Wing-it pinup £90

throw your character at me and let me do my thing! you can suggest a vague concept and outfit choice (eg. "happy and in underwear")

Icon £50

shoulders up headshot, good for profile pics and such


comics? ref sheets? pieces with complex features or backgrounds? let me know and we'll discuss the price!

Terms and Conditions

  • Payments are made through paypal invoicing only.
  • Work begins after payment. Partial/split payment not available.
  • I will send an initial sketch for your approval before moving on to inking and colouring. Changes, tweaks and redraws can be requested after receiving the sketch. Don't be afraid to ask for changes at this stage, that's what the sketch is for!
  • Only very minor tweaks can be requested after the sketch is inked and coloured - eg. changing colours.
  • You will receive high resolution versions of the artwork but you must not use this to mass-produce anything or sell further (printing on a shirt or a poster is fine for personal use).


<3 catboots