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Commissions are accepted on a case-by-case basis, drop me an email with character refs and a description of what you'd like and we'll discuss the details further!


Find examples of my commissioned work here



Prices are in Pound Sterling (£GBP) - Convert this to your local currency with google if you are unsure how much that converts to for your country!


Regular: £50 per character - ink and flat colours, solid colour/shape for a background. extra charges for complex character features may apply. detailed backgrounds available at extra cost.


Wing-it: £40 per character - like regular, but you let me pick the posing/details based on your character's personality. good if you don't have anything specific in mind.


Icon: £20 per character - shoulders up head-shot of your character, good for avatars.


Character ref sheets - pricing to be discussed depending on complexity.


Other - if you have anything specific you'd like, feel free to drop me an email for a quote!


Terms and Conditions

Payments are made through paypal invoicing only.

Work begins after payment. Partial/split payment not available.

You will receive a sketch for approval before I move on to inking and colouring. changes to pose must be made in the sketch phase. changes to colouring and small details can be made immediately after inking. Excessive changes require extra payment.

You will receive high resolution versions of the artwork but you must not use this to mass-produce anything or sell further (printing on a shirt or a poster is fine for personal use).

Refunds are only available in the sketch phase if you are seriously unhappy with the work. No refunds when work is complete.



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