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To check availability, email me using the contact link above and let me know the type of commission you'd like. Include the details of the commission and reference pics of your character if you have them!


Prices for Anthro Character Commissions are as follows. Find examples of these in my Weasyl Gallery


£50 GBP per character full body base price for a flat coloured piece with no background


£40 GBP discounted price for full body "wing-it" commissions (you show me the character, outfit and what kind of personality/emotion you want to see then leave it up to me for the posing and details)


£15 GBP for a shoulders-up icon/avatar


Sticker packs available at £12 for a waist-up sticker, (£8 for a bust sticker, £16 for a full body). Stickers are more "doodly" and typically do not have a sketch under them, hence the cheaper price. For an example of a sticker pack, the catboots sticker pack is here.


These prices are base prices, small additional charges may apply for complex additions such as very specific outfitting, or the addition of backgrounds. You will be fully informed if I feel the need to charge for something extra while we discuss your commission.


Payments are made through Paypal invoices. I start work after payment. For most commissions you will receive a sketch for you to approve before I move on to inking and colouring.


Any other business not listed here will be priced up depending on what you're after! So if you'd like character reference sheets, custom comics, game art, character design, poster design, banners or anything else feel free to contact me and we can discuss it


<3 catboots